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As the National Governing Body for Traditional Karate and the sole national representative for ITKF in the United States, USATK is a public benefit and member service organization that promotes the culture of Traditional Karate and Budo by creating opportunities for karate athletes and officials of all backgrounds to participate and advance the art/sport through clubs, events and education.

Our membership is comprised of athletes/participants from all age groups, as well as coaches, judges, and volunteers of the Traditional Karate Styles. USATK hosts educational and competitive events, selects and trains teams for ITKF international competition including Pan-American and World Championships, and strives to serve the US based athletes and the sport through its core objectives: 1) Expand the base of Traditional Karate , 2) Promote the art and sport, and 3) Achieve competitive success.

We can be reached by email at bwe962@airmail.net  or by phone at 214-938-6449.

For more information about Nishiyama Sensei please see this site:  http://www.hidetakanishiyama.com/ .  The USATK is very grateful for Sensei's lifelong efforts to develop, teach, and grow Traditional Karate throughout the world.

For more information about ITKF please see this site:  http://www.ITKF.global/ .  The USATK is very pleased to be a part of this growing organization carrying on Nishiyama Sensei's work.

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